PS3 Media Centre From External HDD to Network Router

Added by Nigel Bud almost 5 years ago

Hi everyone at Movian. This is my first post here. So any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a PS3 which has MOVIAN installed on it.

I am looking at purchasing this External HDD :

I would like to know if i plug that HDD into my router via an NETWORK cable running from the External HDD to the router. Then another NETWORK cable running from the router itself to the PS3 will MOVIAN pick up the EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE. I want to do this, as i would like to have all my movies etc on the HDD and be able to play it off on source, regardless of the size of the movie. I dont want to have to put my PC on everytime to be able to play movies off of it. And i know if i make the EXTERNAL HDD format into FAT32 then i wont be able to play files over the size of 4GB +- as FAT32 doesnt support that.

Please any help from you guys.

Thanks in advance.