Hardware acceleration support

Added by ├člueplanet . about 7 years ago

Playback has always been a bit jerky/shuddery on my home pc but I never got any "cpu too slow" messages so i just stick with my tablet and ps3.

I finnaly installed it on my work PC and playback is the same, so I was thinking could the hardware acceleration feature help? or could it be another issue?

Thank you as always for your help :)

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RE: Hardware acceleration support - Added by Andreas Smas about 7 years ago

Not sure TBH. I need to look into that. I've not experienced any jerkiness myself. Also I don't use the accelerated video decoder available to native clients. It was a bit tricky to get it working and i wanted to ship something instead of waiting for it.

Still if the CPU is too slow to decode it should display the "CPU too slow" message. I need to look into that more.

RE: Hardware acceleration support - Added by Zamar Ac about 5 years ago

Hey Andreas,

2 years later, and still no hardware accelerated decoding for Movian Chrome plugin. Despite Chrome supports hardware accelerated decoding. More and more movies are now impossible to play by just using CPU, on weaker PCs its just full stop for higher resolutions and framerates with endless "CPU too slow" messages. Now when Google indefinitely extended native clients support, would you be so kind to add hardware acceleration for Movian Chrome plugin?

RE: Hardware acceleration support - Added by Pirm Okas about 5 years ago

While I agree HW support would be awesome to have, what exactly do you mean by saying "more and more" movies? Just download smaller versions and watch them.