Can't start Movian on Android 4.1+

Added by Zamar Ac over 5 years ago


I wanted to try Movian on an Android 4.1 AllWinner media player, but it can't start at all. I tried several builds, no difference.The error message is "Movian has stopped". I then tried to start it in the latest Nox App Player ( ), which is the fastest Android emulator for Windows, based on Android 4.4.2 x86 build. The error is the same, Movian can't start after install. Pls fix it for this emulator build, this will also hopefully fix it for other Android platforms based on Android 4+. I don't need any touch screen functions.

Most important is Movian requires less system resources compare to AceStream, and doesn't need large cache size when playing torrents and torrent-TV streams on a small Android hardware player with slow limited size NAND and RAM memory chips. I also hope, Movian saves cache portion sufficient for playback of a next movie segment in RAM on Android devices, just like AceStream does, because saving it on NAND chips may be too slow and will chop playback.