Controller Mapping ?

Added by John Moeller over 6 years ago


i have a Android Nvidia Shield TV - Movian is Installed and runs fine !

I just wanna ask, if it is possible somehow, to remap the Controller Buttons ?

As a example: I want to use the shoulder buttons to skip to the next video, if you know what i mean.
Right now, its not possible, the shoulder buttons do nothing (Shield Controller and/or Xbox 360 Wired Controller).
Cant find a Option to remap in Movian Android.
I thinking on a mapping like Movian on the PS3 - the Mapping for the Controller was perfect.

Hope you can help.


Sorry for my english

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RE: Controller Mapping ? - Added by Anonymous about 6 years ago

I can remap any actual controller keys with Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner , but I am also running a custom full Shield build that does not limit my use of applications.