TVheadend client question

Added by TV Headend over 6 years ago

I am running KODI on an amzon fire tv with the tvheadend pvr client off my TVH backend.
I'm searching for a better tvheadend client because I often watch my recordings while they are still in progress.
Kodi will stop the playback when I hit the point of "live" in the stream, which is really annoying.
It also only displays the amount recorded in the time bar, so if I record a 60 minute show, start watching 20 minutes in, I see 20 minutes only in the time bar, not 60 minutes. So in my above scenari, i start watching after 20 minutes, only 20 shows in the time bar. I skip over commercials and am over 20 minutes, I have no idea where "live" is in the show, so I overskip and playback stops as stated before.
How does movian handle tvheadend recordings in progress? Does playback continue when you skip to the point where your recording is live?


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RE: TVheadend client question - Added by Andreas Smas over 6 years ago

Last time I checked it did just the same. Maybe it works better if you use TS file format for recordings.