Does movian support chromecast?

Added by ├člueplanet . almost 7 years ago

I searched the forums and even googled "showtime/movian chromecast" but found no results. I haven't purchased one yet but my ps3 is getting a bit old and movian works great and looks beautiful on my tablet. So if anyone uses movian with chromecast please let me know how it looks and works.

And thank you Andreas for the best media player in the world :)

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RE: Does movian support chromecast? - Added by Andreas Smas almost 7 years ago

I might be a bit out-of-date here but i don't think Google allows third party native apps on Chromecast.

But if you want to buy something else I can suggest:

  • Raspberry Pi (version 3 comes with built-in WiFi). This is what I use myself in our living room and we use the TV's remote to control it (using CEC, most modern TVs support that, you should already be able to control the PS3 using the TV remote)
  • Amazon Fire-TV. Movian works fine on these devices too. Not yet in Amazon's appstore but I will work on that.
  • Apple TV (4 gen). Works really great here but it's also pending final work to submit it to Apple's Appstore. Downside here is probably that I need to remove support for plugins to get it approved by Apple.

RE: Does movian support chromecast? - Added by Jason Smith almost 7 years ago

Chromecast SDK is publicly available and Popcorn time allows you to use chromecast so I would imagine it would be possible.

RE: Does movian support chromecast? - Added by Anonymous almost 7 years ago

I know you can hack earlier models using custom firmware using an Arduino, but that makes it very complex and clunky for Root.

Maybe things have changed since then, but if you get root you can install anything on it...