Added by Jackson Graham over 7 years ago

Awesome job on getting the android version to read external drives :)

When will you be able to add the feature of playing x265 movies ?? My M8S android box is more powerful than the PS3 and can play x265 files via other apps with ease. Also it seems to struggle to play larger x264 files such as 1080p movies.


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RE: x265 - Added by Andreas Smas over 7 years ago

Try going to settings -> video

and turn on "Hardware accelerated decoding"

that is somewhat still in beta so that's why it's not default on.

RE: x265 - Added by Jackson Graham over 7 years ago

Thank you for the reply Andreas :)

Turning on Hardware Accelerated Decoding helps the larger x264 movies somewhat, but not by much and x265 movies still either play very slow or crash/restart Movian.

Hopefully my information helps you