Device support and first impressions

Added by Юрий Маркин over 7 years ago

I've tested new version of Movian for Android on three my devices (Acer Z520, android box 3q AB494HW, Xperia M) and could say, that Movian better then XBMC in a lot of ways. Even on bleeding edge it working better than stable version of XBMC. All plugins work as on PS3 version, loading times and installation time faster, IPTV plugin in store already. I've wanted to say about video bar which I haven't found, but in new 350 build it works.

Also could I ask, could you support hardware video accelerator in Alwinner SoCs cedarX and native android keyboard, because on-screen keyboard in Movian for Android have very small buttons like for stylus.

Thanks for so good player and your work.

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RE: Device support and first impressions - Added by Andreas Smas over 7 years ago

Native keyboard support on Android is high on the priolist. I looked into it the other day.

I'll look into cedar-x acceleration as well. Are you running Android (or is it some type of Linux dist) on your Allwinner SoCs?

RE: Device support and first impressions - Added by Weis Miklos over 7 years ago

Can you add a feature, to change folder from Movies to SD card, or anywhere?