Torrent client available?

Added by ricky ricardo almost 6 years ago

So, I've been testing Movian 4.10.25 on mi RPi2. Awesome, everything seems to work ok, much faster and simpler than Kodi. Love it. I was interested in the torrent part; but as far as I have seen torrent support is only for on-demand streaming (maybe I am missing something?). Is there any torrent client available? (like rtorrent, etc.). My Internet connection is not good enough for torrent streaming, so being able to download the complete file before (at night, whatever) would be very helpful. Can something like rtorrent/transmission/etc be added?
Thank you, and greetings from Argentina


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RE: Torrent client available? - Added by Andreas Smas almost 6 years ago


The torrent client in Movian is optimized for streaming and the built-in torrent cache does not "pin" items so it can be flushed at anytime.

While it certainly could be used to "copy" a file and write it to disk it would not be very efficient compared to a real torrent client that tries to download pieces from anywhere in the file.

As you can understand, this is not very high on my prio list.