[Guide] How to connect via SSH with WinSCP

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Hi a lot of my friends ask me all the time how to do this or that when i get a question from them i will try to forword to the forum cause this will help others too for sure :)

so i did this guide to show you how to connect to rPI via ssh GUI way.

first you need a soft called WinSCP download from [[http://winscp.net/eng/download.php]]
and then follow the screenshoots my example path is the log file path

Get logfiles from RPi
On RPi the files can be found at /tmp/stos/cache/showtime/log/

p.s. easy way to do the above is

Viewing, downloading, pastebin logfiles via Showtime's built in HTTP server
Open in browser http://ip.address.of.showtimedevice:42000/showtime/diag

but if you want you can navigate to the plugins folder (/stos/persistent/showtime/installedplugins) to upload a previous version or... or... what else you want...

thanks again for Showtime...

ssh user name is: root
ssh password is: showtime

1.jpg - put your ip (44.3 KB)

2.jpg - log files folder (136 KB)

shortcut.jpg - rigth click and create a shortcut (55.8 KB)

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