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Added by Anonymous almost 7 years ago

Hello there,
I am new to the forum and I wanted to first say thanks for working on this port of Showtime for the Pi! I have used Showtime in the past on my PS3 but now enjoy being able to use the same functionality on something so tiny :)
My first issue is sometimes either with my remote or the keyboard, scrolling through lists results in a stuck key that repeats when you press too quickly. Other times you get a random key like qqqqqqqqq repeating in the search box.
My second issue is trying to use the Custom Background plugin, when I ssh into the Pi I have no Read/Write Permissions. I tried mkdir to make a folder to keep pictures in, but after a reboot it disappears. What am I doing wrong?

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RE: A couple of issues - Added by Leonid Protasov almost 7 years ago

Issue №1
Use at least 2A power supply with thick (good quality) power cable.

Issue №2
Read "How to enable MPEG2 and VC1 codecs on RPi?"

RE: A couple of issues - Added by Anonymous almost 7 years ago

#1 Using a decent power supply.

#2 That fixed two problems for me actually, thank you! Edited my config, and made a directory called "pics" and from there on I can select which background I want by a simple naming scheme. After a reboot it loads up the path just fine.

mount /boot -o remount,rw
cd /boot
mkdir pics
mount /boot -o remount,ro

RE: Custom Background [Solved] - Added by Leonid Protasov almost 7 years ago

I was using descent power supply too. But thin cheap cable. Had the same issue with USB keyboard as you described. After replacing the cable - the problem gone. Also that could be weak batteries/charge in wireless keyboard...