installing movian on raspbian

Added by kam eon over 5 years ago

hello everyone,
I'm really impressed with movian, especially performance wise.
I'm using an rPi2 with a usb sound card to route sound to my Harman Kardon AV receiver via optical.
I tried the latest STOS but sound output options are limited to HDMI and analog, there's no usb passthrough available.
Is there a movian binary for raspbian so I can use the usb soundcard as output? all i can find in the downloads section are packages for x86 and i386 linux.

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RE: installing movian on raspbian - Added by Anonymous about 5 years ago

This might be a late reply but have you tried another optical card? I have had great results with this turtle beach . I have used it without any drivers on Linux, AndroidTV, and RPI.

Another option would be to hook up your Pi to HDMI and if your TV has Optical out to pass it through that way to your AV Equipment.

The last thing I can suggest is trying to install/compile a Movian build on Rasbian or Ubuntu on your Pi and see if it solves your problems that way.