Custom picture for Info panel

Added by Pirm Okas almost 4 years ago

Both default skin and Experience display the same picture for both item icon and icon that gets displayed in the Info panel on the right above the description. Which... isn't very ideal for plugins that display live content, for instance IPTV channels.

To achieve this one simply has to modify Experience skin's view file in views\info_list\panel\info\items\video_default.view


$clone.focused.metadata.icon ?? ($clone.focused.url + "#cover"));


$clone.focused.metadata.desc_icon ?? $clone.focused.metadata.icon ?? ($clone.focused.url + "#cover"));

Then in your plugin's code when using page.appendItem method to add items use this additional metadata:

desc_icon: "url" 

I really think similar approach should be merged to default skin as well.