About Thubnails-Icons Of Plugins On Last Movian Version 5.0.465 For Ps3

Added by theofanis Chilias about 4 years ago

Greetings to all . I have rebug 4.81 CEX on ps3 slim. I downloaded movian the last version 5.0.465 . Everything working like a charm except the thubnails-icons of plugins. All plugins i have installed does not appear with icon but only with the name of the plug in except youtube plugin.

I had movian 5.0.463 , but the last 4 days for some weird reason can't load subtitles from opensubitles.org even when i created an account and used my info on the plugin. Sometimes was founding subs but after 1.50 minute of movie already playing.

That's how i decided to upgrade to 5.0.465 and as far as i see no problem with subs yesterday but the icons are missing on the plugins. Any idea mates? Thanks for your time.