"Play/Pause" as "ENTER"

Added by nikkpap (Nikos) over 5 years ago

On 4.99.344 latest i want to ask with the ui changes and removing the play/pause how we can use-navigate the movian with apple remote ? and apple remote style after market remote controls


i desperately ask for an option to hide/unhide the play/pause on screen (previous style / new style ui time bar) so to be on us which is the best way to use. Finaly with the previous way we can navigate the ui with up/down/left/right and with the middle key the "Play/Pause" as "ENTER" and "Menu" as back and to the playback was ok (play/pause via OnScreen option) now we cant do this (only if we have extra play / pause keys)

so consider this and return it back or make an option enable it on not....

thanks in advance Nikos

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RE: "Play/Pause" as "ENTER" - Added by Andreas Smas over 5 years ago

Ok, just need some clarifications here

The play/pause button (middle button) sends Enter key.

What does the menu-button send?

"Play/Pause" as "ENTER" - Added by nikkpap (Nikos) over 5 years ago

Andreas thanks, cause i have a hackintosh i use a program called "mira" so a can "use - map" other actions of any key. I just need the play/pause on the screen (like before) and then with the same use of the minimum keys etc: (left/right/up/down/enter(return)/backspace) we can use the ui navigation and the play/pause. my opinion is to make it with an option on settings to enable on screen buttons or not (cause other users on ps3 or rpi need it minimal)

RE: "Play/Pause" as "ENTER" - Added by nikkpap (Nikos) over 5 years ago

thanks andreas on 4.99.392 BE working great the new display bravo