Raspberry Pi: PiGlow Add On Plugin

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On Raspbmc there is a plugin made by Falldeaf, that allows the PiGlow device to have led functions to cast lights on your wall to inform you of Playtime, Temperature or Volume level. I understand that Raspbmc runs Debian and has a cli as a way to install the python code to run the device. Is there any possible way to integrate this GPIO functionality into Showtime on the Pi, and make a plugin to control the functions?

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RE: Raspberry Pi: PiGlow Add On Plugin - Added by Anonymous about 6 years ago

I gave this 6 months and not one reply? Could anyone please direct me to a link on how I could make my own plug ins? I guess I will have to make it work for myself.

RE: Raspberry Pi: PiGlow Add On Plugin - Added by Andreas Smas about 6 years ago

Hi, sorry for not responding.

Such a plugin wont work in Showtime as-is right now, mainly because the plugins are pretty limited in what they can access "outside" Showtime. Currently the only APIs are HTTP and some restricted File I/O (Restricted as in areas where the plugin is allowed to read/write). Ie. there is no general access to the system.

The main reason for this is that all plugins are supposed to be 100% cross platform.

That said, it's definitely something we can work around.

So for instance we could add a filter in the plugin manifest that restricts the plugin to raspberry pi only.
Secondly, we could expose some kind of GPIO interface. I assume this is pretty straight forward on the RPI. Do you happen to have any docs describing it?

I think the more interesting tricky part is to get data into the plugin.

  • Playtime is certainly easy to get as it is right now.
  • Temperature? Temperature of what?
  • Volume level - I assume this is the volume level of the playing audio, not what the master volume control is set to?

RE: Raspberry Pi: PiGlow Add On Plugin - Added by Anonymous about 6 years ago

Thanks for your reply! I'm not gonna push the issue but it would be neat to give devs a way to play with their board add-ons. I understand the limitation of STOS, I had quite a fun time figuring that out. If there is a way to limit certain plug ins to just raspberry pi that would open a door for a lot of interesting work. I know modders love to have Showtime on their PS3s as media centers, but i just like the slimmed down elegance of Showtime on RPI. The reason I bring up this topic again is because I think a lot of other users who run it would like ambient lighting behind their television set, less eye strain, looks ect.
I'm trying to get in contact with the developer who created the XBMC plugin, and hopefully help in any way I can to try and port it over. Documentation on GPIO can be found on RPI's site.
As far as having the LED's display something like play time or volume it shouldn't be too difficult. There can be a feature set inside the plugin options to turn off anything you don't want monitored. As for what it monitors I'm sure it just monitors by command vcgencmd measure_temp ect.
This could open a new set of options in your upcomming 5.0 version. I value what it has become so far and I love the functionality!