New Navi-X 3.8.2 - update the script

Added by robo cop over 6 years ago

Thanks for the update but keep in mind you have version 3.7.7 script installed. there has been major changes. especially regarding server issues and such. as of august 28 2014 the latest version is 3.8.2 .. .

here is the latest log and link from the official website.

Navi-X 3.8.2 (All XBMC Platforms)

Changelog Navi-X 3.8.2

- User Data / Profile folder usage.
- XBMC4XBOX fixes.
- Smart Cache adjustment.
- Skins adjustment.

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RE: New Navi-X update coming out soon - please add - Added by robo cop over 6 years ago

Nicolas DeBenedictis wrote:


we need a update.