Some ideas for Youtube 2.0.x

Added by Jerome Morrow over 8 years ago

Hi Fabio, thanks again for the newest version of Youtube Plugin (2.0)

I been using this plugin a lot, and I really think that is one of the best "alternative" things, that you can do with a PS3 on CFW ;)

Also, I have some ideas for it, I hope you can read it, and may be implement, on future versions:

On Subscriptions:

When Name of the Video it's too long, It is not fully displayed.

Solution: Scrolling text.

On Playlists:

Entering the list, the long names are fully displayed:

But when the description panel appears, the names are cropped: (also the text bellox are very small)

Solution: Show the "Full Name" on the Description Panel (and an option for the font size on the configuration section of the plugin)

Context Menu:

As we now have "Add to Favorites..." and "Add to Watch Later...", also be great to access to the lists of Playlists, and save here a new discovered video (just in the right place: "music", "pets", "technology"...)

Best regards and thanks


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RE: Some ideas for Youtube 2.0.x - Added by Fábio Ferreira over 8 years ago

Hi Jerome, thanks for your suggestions, they make indeed sense, about the first one is something that Showtime is currently lacking, the second one you talked is relative to Showtime skin itself, in that aspect andoma is the best person to improve it in a good way.
But the third one is indeed relative to the plugin and is a very good suggestion, I'll look further to see if it is possible.

RE: Some ideas for Youtube 2.0.x - Added by Jerome Morrow over 8 years ago

@Fabio, ok thanks

@Andres, what do you think about this ideas?

Best regards