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Added by lasse j over 8 years ago

Hi. When I start Svt play the only thing I see is "senaste program". Maybe Svt changed something?


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RE: svt play - Added by Andreas Smas over 8 years ago


Yeah, svtplay have removed their XML API that their iOS app (and Showtime) use now that they use a web based player on iOS as well.

I guess the plugin needs to be rewritten to do HTML scraping instead sigh

Shame on SVT :(

RE: svt play - Added by lasse j about 8 years ago

Hi again

Is this on your "to do list" ?

We(and many others I think) have some serious abstinence of this plugin.
It's a great way to access svtplay without sitting in front of a computer screen.

Thanks for your hard work on showtime. It's a great mediaplayer.


RE: svt play - Added by lasse j almost 8 years ago

I noticed yesterday that the plugin has been updated and is now working . Much appreciated! Thanks!

RE: svt play - Added by Slask Task almost 8 years ago

It won't update categories now though... Can't find any shows that aired later than a month ago or so. I tried reinstalling the plugin, but nothing changed. Any solutions?