Plugin to change the way Showtime looks?

Added by Girish Patel about 9 years ago

After reading what Andreas has said " Rather I would like plugins to the UI itself so it's possible to create a plugin that alters the home page. Or the settings view. Or the play control. Or perhaps everything."

I'm thinking out loud now and just writing what some to mind to try and get clear what can be done etc.

Is this an easy thing to do? If I understand correctly all plugins are javascript. So could a script be written to add full cover art with background etc. I've designed a few web sites in my years as a designer but I'd love to know how a plugin could change the settings view. Would it be something like Showtime has all the pieces and then the plugin puts them where it wants. Hence creating varient displays.

I notice all the plugins so far use the current layout and just pull in from external sources and display them in set places. So a new plugin would have to turn off the settings view and create its own from the set Showtime pieces? For example Showtime's current settings view is A, B and C. Current plugins just rewrite what gets shown in A, B and C. A different plugin would create a D, E and F and populate them so it looks different.