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Added by Andreas Smas over 9 years ago

For all you plugin developers out there, I've added support for something called imageset: starting with showtime 3.3.368

Basically it allows plugins (or anything) to give a list of URLs for Showtime to choose among when it is about to display an image (coverart, movie poster, etc)

The format of these URIs are JSON encoded as follows:


Showtime will always try to choose an image so that it won't have to scale up images unless it has to.

There is an example of how to use this in the Headweb plugin

Have fun!

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RE: imageset: URI - Added by Girish Patel over 8 years ago

Is this the section you mean?

function imageSet(content) {
var images = [];
for each (var c in content.cover) {
width: parseInt([email protected]),
height: parseInt([email protected]),
url: c});
return "imageset:" + showtime.JSONEncode(images);

My question is can a plugin change the size of the displayed movie poster? If it can,would it be similar to the code above?
I ask as the artwork displayed is way too small for my playlist created in Navi-x.

RE: imageset: URI - Added by Andreas Smas over 8 years ago

No the imageset: is just for listing a set of images so the UI can choose the one that matches the dimensions best.

The size is controlled from the UI only.