MegaViewer Plugin [Version 0.26]

Added by NP ... over 9 years ago

MegaViewer is a link graber.

Supported websites: Supported hosting websites:
  • (waiting time display in the debug console)

The developer has no affiliation with the sites what so ever. Nor does he receive money or any other kind of benefits for them.

Please read the TOS before using.


Added Support for 2Shared
Added MegaVideo time limit bypass
Added Auto Login option for MegaUpload
Clean up Settings page
Megaupload to MegaVideo Support
MegaUpload Account page update
Fix for megaupload support
Fix button name in oneddl
Added Bookmark Support
Added Mega MKV

Fix http headers problem
Added Support for manual inserted links
Added Support for Megaupload Premium accounts
Added Support for
Added RapidShare Support

Updated OneDDL series link to include all episodes available
Improved MegaRelease Link Parser
Small Fix's

Support for the new OneDDL Layout (8/11/11)
Added support for vvwtv

Added series link in OneDDL
Added OneDDL and MegaRelease description info
Minor fix's

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RE: MegaViewer Plugin [Version 0.26] - Added by Rusty Unknown almost 9 years ago

Can you support new hosts used by IceFilms?

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