Twitch TV Plugin - Issues with the Dota 2 The International streams

Added by Daren K about 5 years ago

The Dota 2 International streams have unique quality settings. With the current plugin, you're bound to watch either the 1080p60 source stream, or the 144p mobile stream when you choose anything else than source. If your device can't playback 1080p60, you wouldn't want to watch the 144p stream.

My fix for the quality settings:
Edit the JavaScript file "twitchtv.js" inside the (~/.hts/showtime/installedplugins/ on Linux):

Edit this part:

var videoQualities = [
    ['0', 'Source', true], ['1', 'High'], ['2', 'Medium'], ['3', 'Low'], ['4', 'Mobile']

to this:

var videoQualities = [
    //['0', 'Source', true], ['1', 'High'], ['2', 'Medium'], ['3', 'Low'], ['4', 'Mobile']
    ['0', 'Source', true], ['1', '1080p60'], ['2', 'High'], ['3', '720p60'], ['4', '720p30'], ['5', '540p30'], ['6', '480p30'],
    ['7', '360p30'], ['8', '240p30'], ['9', '144p30'], ['10', 'Medium'], ['11', 'Low'], ['12', 'Mobile']

After that you can choose quality settings.

If you're watching on an Raspberry Pi, you're not gonna be able to watch the source 1080p60 stream. The RPi is only able to playback h264 up to Level 4.1, which limits the playback to 1080p30 or 720p60.

Have fun watching!

Edit: They even use 1080p60 instead of source now, updated.