PS3 Vdecs

Added by Daren K over 6 years ago

Hey, I noticed that the PS3 version of Movian only tries to load the MPEG2 and H264 decoder:


static void
  vdec_mpeg2_loaded = !SysLoadModule(SYSMODULE_VDEC_MPEG2);
    TRACE(TRACE_ERROR, "VDEC", "Unable to load MPEG2 decoder");

  vdec_h264_loaded = !SysLoadModule(SYSMODULE_VDEC_H264);
    TRACE(TRACE_ERROR, "VDEC", "Unable to load H264 decoder");

Not sure if this was already tried out, but the guys over at the RPCS3 have some entries for more Vdecs than these two:

{"CELL_SYSMODULE_VDEC", 0x00000005},
{"CELL_SYSMODULE_VDEC_MPEG2", 0x00000024},
{"CELL_SYSMODULE_VDEC_AVC", 0x00000025},
{"CELL_SYSMODULE_VDEC_AL", 0x0000002b},

Could one of them be able to decode WMV Content? There certainly has to be something that can do this, as the PS3 is able to play many WMV files directly from XMB.