Subtitles transition Fade menu

Added by Alex cpc over 6 years ago


been using Showtime for 2 years now, and overall is a great software.

since i´m not English native i used Subtitles a lot, and this last versions one thing is very annoying to me.

Subtitles transition Fade/right Menu

before when you click for subtitles during playback there was no transition, everything was fast and clear, but with these new side effect this option become kinda slow and annoying especially and you try to find the right subtitle during playback and you have to use it several times to find the right one.

When you select one subtitle and want to select another you can still see the subtitles list before appear the Audio, Subtitle menus.

nothing to serious but i just want to give my feedback.

anyway i resolve the problem by installing an old version :)


Keep the good work

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RE: Subtitles transition Fade menu - Added by I Dove over 6 years ago

I've noticed this, it seems that it is not a mistake, but I believe also that the author did not want this to look like that.