[REQUEST] PAL speedup

Added by kokotoni wilf over 7 years ago

Showtime is just great with my ps3 !
I've noticed that 23.976 film material is played at the correct frame rate, but I have a small request (don't know if this is the right place, but here it goes):

It would be great if we could have a "pal speedup" option that would slightly speedup 23.976 fps material to 25 fps PAL ( x 25.00 / 24000 x 1001).
This seems to be an easy option but it would greatly improve the watching experience for those PAL TV's which produces some "judder" when playing non-PAL material.

How about it ?

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[REQUEST] PAL speedup - Added by kokotoni wilf over 5 years ago

I'd like to recover this very old thread.
Since, showtime (movian :) ) now has video frame interpolation. Which works great for some NTSC material.
For film, it doesn't work so well as it produces some "hick ups" in panning and rollup movements.
This, of course, for PAL TV's.

Nowadays we have a lot of "anti-judder" processes in our TV's, but they process so much the image that we fell into the "soap opera effect" :( which makes us loose the "cinema watching" effect.

DVDs in Europe are still converted to PAL by speeding up the 23.976 material.
This gives a real good stable, linear and enjoyable watching experience.

This is really easy to do in tools like ffmpeg, and I assume the same for showtime.
I've looked into showtime source code but I was not lucky enough (yet) to find the correct spot.

It would be fantastic, if showtime could have both "Video frame interpolation" and "PAL speedup".
Showtime would be the ultimate video player :)

Think about it ;)