developing problem please read

Added by Pedro Olivas over 10 years ago

hi to everyone, im trying to develop a plugin, but i've got some questions... some1 can help?

Question Nº1:

There is a way to download something from plugins? i mean, example, in Navi-X i can see movies tv shows etc, but if i want to download a movie? or a song? its not implemented in the plugin, but the point is, it is possible? i readed, de, but there's no reference to download something... when showtime detects a test release update, i can download it and install it, and i can see the progress bar and that stuff.

Question Nº2:

In the plugin, i can add or delete favorites, but its a bit buggy... if i add a favorite, it tell's me its added to the list, but if i click again, it tells me to add it again, but if i press again, it says that exists... there is something, when i click to add favorites, to reload de page?

sozz my bad english... i am spanish, and im trying to learn, reading forums etc hehe

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RE: developing problem please read - Added by andreus sebes over 10 years ago

Hi, best way to learn is to read the plugins documentation (not totally complete) and analyse the code of other plugins:

andoma the crerator of showtime as some plugins in is git

facanferff as a lot of plugins in is git

others have developed plugins:
and mine:

Choose the one that is more like what you want to do and start analysing the code.

good luck and welcome aboard

Reggarding Question 1: i don't think that's possible
Reggarding Question 2: i think that's possible adding some action after click (like a redirect) but don't really know how