Jerky video with files mkv or ts

Added by Roby Totem over 10 years ago

Hello everyone, I have a problem with Showtime version 4.0 for PS3 when reading ts hd or mkv files the images are jerky. I register with the satellite decoder HD ts files and then use Tsdoctor to cut out commercials (I noticed that the problem is the same even if I use other programs). The problem, however, I notice when I copy the file directly registered in hd PS3, the video is always jerky: so I think it is not the fault of tsdoctor but the fact that or I must change the settings of Showtime or Showtime not have the codec to read properly.
Ts files recorded with hd decoder have the technical characteristics shown in the attached file (screen shot from VLC)...



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RE: Jerky video with files mkv or ts - Added by Ajith Thampi about 10 years ago

I have the same problem but with one specific recent movie release. Its not very jerky, intact you notice it in fast motion scenes. Like frame skipping or so.