What's the meaning of this warning?

Added by Huy Pham quang over 10 years ago

Hi guys,
I've been using Showtime for more than 1 year now. Needless to say, it is just awesome.
But occasionally when i first play the media content, I have received this yellow warning at the top of screen saying "Forcing level 4.2 content to play in 5.1 content may break video playback". Some contents can still play just fine but others, I can only get the audio.
I guess it is because the format of audio is 4.2 but I am playing it on 5.1 system? Any idea? How could I convert the audio of that particular content to be compatible with my 5.1 system?
Any comment would be much appreciated!

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RE: What's the meaning of this warning? - Added by Shloink You over 10 years ago

The level in that warning has to do with video, not audio. Has something to do with the limits of how ps3 cells can decode video. Only way to fix the videos that can't be played would be to rewrite how the ps3 uses the cells to decode 4.3+ lvl content. Which would be one hell of a project.