Metadata problem

Added by kevin demore almost 10 years ago

not your fault but the metadata it gets, renames the movie. this can cause some problems, for example-

expendables becomes The Expendables

so instead of being in the E's it goes into T's, if you make it so it auto fixes it by just renaming it too "Expendables, The" that would work.

also, if you can add in the option so we can edit the name ourselves that would be wonderful because some movies and videos can not find the right name and we have to let it name it something weird that has nothing to do with th emovie.

don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. this recent update has been great. Good Work!!

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RE: Metadata problem - Added by | Benzonia | almost 10 years ago

Just wanted to chime -- I'd love an option to manually adjust the display name too! It's mostly a problem with foreign films, where "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" becomes renamed as "Wo hu cang long." Or "Brotherhood of the Wolf" gets renamed to "Le Pacte des Loups." It's a minor thing, but it rearranges the alphabetical order of our folders.

Maybe the solution is just to add another source from which we can retrieve metadata. Currently there is only one option (, but maybe the problem would be solved by allowing us to get metadata from or other online sources. Just a thought.

This is still a great piece of software, and getting metadata was a HUGE jump forward! Thank you!