Added by João Fonsca almost 9 years ago

First of all congrats for this great program, whitout a doubt the best app for PS3.
And the only reason I continue with the 3.55 CFW.

Ok now my issue, I watch some movies and series with the Navi-X plugin but in some of them, can't find any subtitles, mostly in series, so is there any chance of integrate a subtitle from my HDD just like in movies that I play from my HDD.
Or someone could tell me the way that Showtime goes to, what parameters it use, his it from the title of the movie/serie??
So that I could upload them my self in there.
Because sometimes the subtitles exist in and Showtime can't find them.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english I'm Portuguese.

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RE: Subtitles - Added by João Fonsca almost 9 years ago

Oh sorry, for the double post.
And thanks for the quick answer.
And let's hope that this issue could be solve soon

RE: Subtitles - Added by Jerome Morrow almost 9 years ago

This two features (navi-x and are both excellent.... If they could work together would be really cool.

Best regards