H10p video.

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When will showtime support 10 bit video?

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Added by Rusty Unknown 7 months ago
We probably won't see 10Bit support for h.264 which is what Anime sites are using sometimes.

Andreas has said before that writing an optimized h.264 decoder for the PS3 would require a lot of time and work which he doesn't have time for.

So, since the official PS3 h.264 decoder doesn't support 10Bit, we probably will not see support for this, and if we ever did it wouldn't be anywhere in the near future.

Anime sites are the only ones I've seen even release 10Bit and there are usually 8Bit versions as well.

If you can't find 8Bit versions of the content you want, I suggest streaming from the PC to your PS3 (and letting the PC transcode the video) using some software like PS3 Media Server, TVersity etc... Converting is another choice but that takes more time and work which I don't recommend unless you plan on keeping the video in an archive.