Plex on PS3?

Added by | Benzonia | over 9 years ago

From the plugins section of the forums:

Has anyone tried that on the PS3? Just wondering what opinions are out there, I've heard good things about Plex but never tried it.

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RE: Plex on PS3? - Added by Björn Dahlgren over 9 years ago

Yeah, I'm using it on my PS3. The nightly builds of Showtime together with large amount of list data can be somewhat unstable. I'll have a look at integrating it with the new tmdb later on. Probably should implement the transcoding support of the Plex server since some content, mostly 1080p, can be a bit too heavy and unstable.

If you want to try it, use to get it as a ready to install zip archive and place it in the downloaded plugins folder inside the Showtime USRDIR on the PS3.