Waiting for version 4.x

Added by Jerome Morrow almost 11 years ago

While we wait for version 4.x, I suggest everyone to talk a bit about the previous methods we use to watch videos, highlighting the most used ones.

Here is my story:

The "Avi-DivX-XviD" Era

PC: Pemtiun 3 + 14" --> Pentium 4 + 17"
Software: MicroDVD, ViPlay, Media Player Classic+ffdshow
[Files on CD --> DVD]
2005-2006 (crt-TV 29")
DVD LG 8742x @Br0max Custom Firmware
[Files on DVD]
2006-2008 (crt-TV 29")
DVD LG Home Theater 5.1
[files on DVD and USB 2GB Corsair Voyager GT]
2008 (crt-TV 29" --> LCD Sony Bravia 37" 720p)
PS2 + SMS (Simple Media System 2.9rev4)
[Files on PC Samba Shares]

The "Matroska-x264-720p-DTS" Era

2008-2011 (LCD Sony Bravia 37" 720p)
Popcorn Hour A-110
[Files on Internal Hard Disk: 320gb --> 1TB]
2011-2012 (LCD Sony Bravia 37" 720p)
PS3 @CFW 3.55 KmeaW + Showtime (all the versions since 2.99.139)
[Files on Popcorn Samba Shares]

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RE: Waiting for version 4.x - Added by Andreas Smas almost 11 years ago

Ok, I guess I can chime in as well

dark ages - 2007

Some kind of DVD player form Sony

2007- present

LG 37" TV
Showtime on HTPC with Ubuntu linux as OS

RE: Waiting for version 4.x - Added by Tiago windcrusher almost 11 years ago

2007 - 2008
WITH LG Scarlet 42 LCD...
PC/Netbook with Media Player Classic + ffdshow

Xtreamer Media Player
200 GB internal and 2x1TB External
Transmission (torrent on Xtreamer) 24x7
With MovieJukebox

PS3 with PSMS (playstation media server)
Notebook with 320GB internal and 2x 1TB external
Utorrent 24x7
Without MovieJukebox

2011 - 07/2012
PS3 with Showtime
320GB External FAT32 - with series (Heroes, White Collar, Alcatraz, Game of Thrones, ONCE Upon a Time) and Brazilian series (Na forma da Lei, Rei Davi, Força Tarefa, Dercy de Verdade)
Notebook with 2x 1TB external folder shared and utorrent 24x7
Without MovieJukebox

RE: Waiting for version 4.x - Added by Claudio Mendes over 10 years ago

post VHS ^^

video cd on pc or standalone player
dvd on pc or standalone player

divx microdvd

xvid media player classic

divx+xvid xbox xbmc

post SD -> HD

x264 vlc

xvid+x264 aviadddxsubs ps3mediaserver showtime on ps3