Showtime in PSN Store ?

Added by alexandru alin over 10 years ago

One suggestion, even if it seems crazy now, but would bring profit to developers. Why not contact Sony and propose them to be sold in the PS Store this wonderful Showtime with real money, that can be used Showtime by those without Custom Firmware? Both you, and Sony would have just won money. I would also pay $ 20 for this Showtime if i could be run on the latest official firmware. I just changed custom firmware to official firmware and Showtime is the only thing I regret I don't have installed in PS3 now.

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RE: Showtime in PSN Store ? - Added by Daniel Debreceny over 10 years ago

It's not crazy at all.

Showtime is the only reason I'm using CFW. I tried PS3 with a few linux distro's ... and it'd maybe be ok for a PS3 developer ... but even a basic Amd E350 or Intel Atom based PC will easily outperform the PS3 in regards to usability.

I don't use my PS3 for games, although I used to, and there's a few new(er) PS3 games that I would, and a couple of PSN/PS1 games I've bought on PSN, but can't play on while I'm on 3.55 CFW .. and I have no other real interest in PS3 homebrew.

Somehow, I don't think Sony will allow Showtime as a PSN application because it supports too many non-approved filetypes, and is hence convenient for pirates, and allows the average person to bypass cinavia which is conveniently infested in every firmware since about 3.2(ish).

Cinavia is on many (Sony) bluray movies, and if you rip/convert off your bluray to MKV or other format, it has an embedded audio signal that gets picked up by the Cinavia detection/protection, and it stops playing, or makes the audio go nuts, or blanks the screen or some other stupid thing to stop you from watching the movie.

Showtime does not detect cinavia, and stop you from watching your bluray rips, legal or otherwise.

RE: Showtime in PSN Store ? - Added by Tiago windcrusher over 10 years ago

Sony have bluray player with 3D, MKV and NTFS.

This is best play if this compared with ps3 + showtime.

Sony not only puts showtime or mkv player on ps3 because they simply want to sell bluray players

The sony tvs but not reproduce mkv bluray players reproduce.

Sony is not due to be producing movies or series that our ps3 need CFW for showtime

I'd buy showtime on psn for $ 50 if I could executãlo the newest FW and play PES2012 off / online

RE: Showtime in PSN Store ? - Added by Rusty Unknown over 10 years ago

Buy a 2nd PS3 for official firmware, and use the CFW PS3 for Showtime.

Problem solved.

Ultimately an HTPC is the best solution for Showtime, but you can't really beat the price of $300 for a PS3 running Showtime vs the price you will pay to build an HTPC.

So it would depend on your budget.