3.4 and still crashes, help.

Added by John Peña over 9 years ago


I'm having the same issue with the latest version (3.4 official), that I was having with the redsquirrel87 version v3.3.312 and up.
Which is: videos do not play from external drive, it just tells me that the ram or the cpu is too low/slow, it shows nothing but a black screen with no sound, then the PS3 crashes and I have to restart it.

The latest release which is working for me is still: v3.3.307 (Dec 06, 2011) from redsquirrel

If any anyone is encountering this same issue, and somehow found a way to fix it. Please let me know.


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RE: 3.4 and still crashes, help. - Added by Kal-El Junior over 9 years ago

If you want stability go back, don't go forward, the new versions are broken.