Rules - README before posting

Added by Andreas Smas over 11 years ago

  • Please try to keep messages in English in here. Even though some of you are from Sweden (just as I am) it's much easier for non-Swedish talking people to understand what the discussions are about.
  • If something (subtitles, av-sync, whatever) does not work when you play a file I will need the file to test with. Saying "I play a file and subtitles does not work" is not enough.
  • Don't attach samples via rapidshare, megadownload, or whatever. It's very annoying to having to wait for download to start and I hate getting stupid ads in my face (This is also why this site is completely free of ads and will so be forever). Create a ticket and attach the sample to it. The bug tracker allows files up to 250Megabyte which should usually be enough to point out a single problem.