NTFS Alternative?

Added by Kal-El Junior about 11 years ago

Hi there,

I just thought about something, just had an idea, basically, you guys know how PS3 has sequential playback, where it can play split files and make it play like one big file automatically.

Could we do something like this?


but in showtime it could auto hide parts and make it look like one file? like so:


and it could just auto play the split files in order?

This way what would we need NTFS for?

Just an idea.

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RE: NTFS Alternative? - Added by Ema Nymton almost 11 years ago

Just some more details on the issue on my side - I got loads of 'Decoder too slow' and 'AUDONE but no buggers pending' messages when switching to the R3 view. The movie considered is Inception, is a level 4.1 720p h264 and is split in two RARs. I tried waiting a bit for the buffer to fill up but the video wouldn't restart (only sound would). I consequently have many "Huge buf allocation problem, falling back" when resuming the video. Tried with the latest official 3.4 build.

RE: NTFS Alternative? - Added by Ema Nymton over 10 years ago

Showtime build 3.5.122-g5f5fbaa still doesn't fix the issue.

RE: NTFS Alternative? - Added by Ema Nymton about 10 years ago

Fixed in Showtime 4.1.270.g3f3da running over Rogero CFW 4.30 v2.03, even with high bitrates 1080p mp4.
No need to format my drive in NTFS, phew ;) Thanks for the fix!

RE: NTFS Alternative? - Added by Ema Nymton about 10 years ago

Correction, even though the buffering algorithm is better, it still doesn't fill up faster enough to compensate for sustained high bitrate scenes (from 8 Mbps onwards) :(

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