Showtime made my video list disappear :p

Added by Rusty Unknown about 10 years ago

Just installed 3.3.37.ga28c3.dirty and I let a directory load (60+ .MKVs with metadata title).

Then I restarted showtime (I wanted to see if the new version would cache the metadata titles on the videos). When I enter the directory, I can see a quick flicker of the list of video icons (the icon displayed before each video list item).

Maybe some interface glitch?

I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this issue yet?

EDIT: I also have a .jpg picture at the top of this directory list (I use it for a cover) and the image item still appears, only the video items are gone.

Edit2: Debug is reporting a missing theme file "Unable to open "theme://directoryviews/infobox/unknown.view" -- file not found"

I tried another directory that is having this issue, and if i keep opening and closing this directory, sometimes the cover picture is blurry/corrupted and sometimes a random video file from that directory appears. Very odd.

EDIT3: It appears to only affect directories that contain an image file.

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RE: Showtime made my video list disappear :p - Added by Claudio Mendes about 10 years ago

have the same issue but my usb stick don't has pictures... only avi srt and pkg.

btw please add support for 1252 encoding subtitles

RE: Showtime made my video list disappear :p - Added by alexandru alin about 10 years ago

And affect directories that contain video and SRT file !