PS3 Movian problem

Added by Fox Cunning over 5 years ago

Hi guys.
I need help.
I am having problem with Movian of my PS3 Jailbroken (all is updated to last version).
When I go, for example, on a IPTV Channel, when I select a video and I start watching it, ater 40-50 seconds it stops and return to channel selection, so I need to press X to start watching again it normally, and it goes always in this mode.
I noticed that in "Memory used", it starts from 15000kB, and when reach 8000kB more or less it quits.
What can I do to solve this? Help me please!

EDIT: I noticed that there is something called "Buffer usage": there is a Loading bar that almost fills up, then slowly gets empty.
"Remaining buffer" says the seconds before the video stops.
How to solve?

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RE: PS3 Movian problem - Added by polly handid about 5 years ago

Well, I am not sure which video format you downloaded from IPTV, if it is m3u, this tutorial may be helpful:[[]], may be no use,lol, you can take a look

RE: PS3 Movian problem - Added by Fox Cunning about 5 years ago

What do I have to check in that link to repair my buffer problem?