Youtube - Unable to open resource

Added by Uno Nisu over 6 years ago

when I try to play video in youtube it says: "Unable to open resource" youtube:video:mowmw2om Unable to resolve yts -- Resolver internal error".
Its over a week now, I tried to uninstall-reeinstall plugin, nothing changes.
Movian latest stable

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RE: Youtube - Unable to open resource - Added by Christopher Skerra over 6 years ago

The error has been fixed in the current development and bleeding edge version of the plugin / movian.

Right now, the Youtube plugin 5.0.5 is the newest available in the official repository (on official movian). On Github, there is 5.0.10 which addresses the issue.
Still, if you want to use this version of the plugin, you need the newest version of Movian. Right now the official release does not support the needed script parts (ex. url.resolve). It seems that the bleeding edge version 5.0.463 contains these modules.

So if you just set the update repo to bleeding edge in the movian settings and update, movian will already pull the correct youtube plugin version