Downgrade to older version

Added by flo kolle over 4 years ago

I've been using version 4 (dot I don't know) and everything was working great. Then I updated to version 5 and now I get the message "CPU too slow" all the time and the sound and picture are running off time. I want to downgrade to the old version again, but can't find it anywhere. If I should find it, how do I install it? Open Multiman, go to install package files and that's it?
Thanks for help

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RE: Downgrade to older version - Added by Alex Friedrich over 4 years ago

Go Multiman -> Ulitis and X to Showtime Media Center 4.9.430 this is working then Install Package Manager and X to .pkg you must delete previews Movian 5xx Version before you can install Old Showtime Version on PS3 CFW